How to add a new lodge

Check if it's already listed on the site

This is the first step.

You have to check if the lodge is already listed on the site. So you don't end up duplicating efforts

If a lodge is already listed and you notice some problems with the listing, please don't hesitate to let us know

Tweet us the details

We need the following details of the lodge:

  • The specific name of the lodge E.g Anglican's Corpers lodge or Catholic's Corpers lodge.
  • The Full address of the lodge.
  • As many pictures as you can get of the lodge. Though one is fine. (Optional)
  • The Full address of the lodge.
  • The Cost for a year. (Optional)
  • Any niceties or perks associated with the lodge such as free breakfasts, video games etc
  • Any information that would be of interest

What Do you stand to gain for adding a lodge?

For each lodge you add we'll let you place ads on the info page of that lodge.

This is a chance for you to advertise any Product/Service you have to the general public for free.